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Rick Dawson’s “Hooked on Overages” program has been around for over a year. It teaches you how to locate overages from foreclosure sales and tax deed sales.

These types of overages are also called surplus funds, excess funds, or excess proceeds and can be found by getting a list from local county clerks’ offices.

Hooked on Overages stands out through its excellent membership area, extensive training materials, including videos, audios and written materials.

The support on the members area is also outstanding. questions are anwered very quickly, and the support staff is very knowledgable about foreclosure and tax deed investing, and about the different rules that apply for different states with regards to excess funds.

You can see a screen shot from the actual members area on the right. Updates to foreclosure regulations and the rules in all 50 states are frequently posted here.

When you are thinking about going into business as a surplus funds locator, you should consider that you will need to locate the available funds, as well as the rightful owner of these funds.

Most of the time, these owners are not “in hiding” so it’s not all that hard to locate them, especially if you follow the easy step-by-step instructions in the hooked on overages course.

Any excess foreclosure funds that you locate can be matched with their rightful owners. Once you have found that owner, you can easily negotiate a finders fee using the scripts and forms provided.

You do not have to be licensed as a real estate agent or to practise law when you want to get into the tax deed or foreclosure overages business.

However, the course teaches the advantages of using a local attorney to process your found cases. This is a matter of increasing your credibility and taking workload off your own shoulders.

As always, when you build a business, you want to plan for strong potential to outsource the biggest pieces of the business so you don’t just create another job for yourself.

In summary, the Hooked on Overages course by Rick Dawson comes with strong benefits in supporting you on your way to locate foreclosure surplus funds and stear clear of time waisting activiies and guess work.

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